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About Meditation
It is the single most important thing for every single human being of any faith, religion or no-religion. That is the reason we reached to this stage of human consciousness in evolution after who knows so many millions or zillions of lives and eons!

If we miss the opportunity, nobody is to be blamed except self!

Meditation is an art of total relaxation and to reach to it there are as many methods as there are grains of sand on all the ocean shores and inside it.

But you have to choose one, which you enjoy the most and congruent to your energy, which becomes evident by practicing few to start with and then selecting one which is easy, enjoyable and active to start with and then at a later stage it will lead you, where your journey will be simple, short and sweet too.

Meditation can not be done, but it happens, when we are open and totally available to it. It is an experience, when there is no experiencer, so nothing can be said about it, unless one goes through it and then too it is an experience described by deaf and dumb person, how is the taste of sugar!