Ayurvedic Cooking
Ayurvedic Treatments
About Ayurveda
  • Ancient most Eastern Healing Modality of nearly 5,000 years
  • More so in preventing imbalance of Mind-Body and spirit
  • Treating whole body-mind-spirit as an organic unit, rather than treating symptomatically like western modalities
  • No or very rare side effects with expert advice
  • Long use has more advantages in chronic conditions
  • Mostly Natural organic herbal preparations
  • No quick fix, but eradicating imbalance from the roots
  • Very economical and practical
  • Curriculum as in-depth and thorough as modern science or even more details
  • Father of Ayurvedic Medicine is Sage Charak, who sits in meditation in front of plants and has communion with them and plants reveal their potential, benefits and if any adverse effects of their different parts and as a whole too
  • Sushrut is the Ayurveda's first surgeon thousand of years ago, who used to do even plastic surgeries including First Rhinoplasty in the world and who created many first surgical instruments in the world
  • Originally written in Sanskrit - Mother of many or almost all languages - now translated in English and other languages and mostly taught in modern language
  • Graduation after 4 to 5+ years of full time studies with full-time internship of 1 year or so like modern medicine and post graduation available with further 2+ years
  • Maharshi Mahesh Yogi and Dr. Deepak Chopra propagated it whole heartedly in the western world and have established this healing Institutions in USA since couple of decades